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At Applied Impulse Inc. our mission is to present impulse-based technology to the industrial world for its unique manufacturing abilities.

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How we launch materials at high speed to create impulse manufacturing

Vaporizing Conductor

A high transient current is passed through a thin conductor to rapidly vaporize it and create a high-pressure expanding gas that pushes the workpiece.

A high transient current is passed through a solenoid placed proximal to a conductive workpiece. The workpiece moves away from the solenoid due to electromagnetic force.

A pulsed laser is shined through a transparent layer onto the workpiece surface. The surface layer ablates and pushes the workpiece with high pressure.


Impulse driven technology can be used to accomplish a variety of manufacturing tasks



The following products support impulse based metalworking under a variety of techniques


Our Services


Applied Impulse is constantly working on new endeavors, below are our current projects

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If our technology meets the needs of your application, we are able to assist in developing the optimal process, joint design, and validation of the final design.

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