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Capacitor Bank: Capacitor banks provide the energy discharge from the power source necessary to cause joining. These capacitor banks are typically designed to serve the needs of vaporizing foil actuator (VFA) metalworking, with a maximum charging energy of 6 kJ, voltage of 10 kV, and a rise time of 5 us. Custom requirements can also be met.

VFAW equipment.JPG

VFA Tooling: This tooling provides precise fixturing for the consumable foils and work-pieces used in VFA metalworking. The fixture in the image above features a manual tooling system, but automated tooling systems are also available. Tooling systems can be amended with adapters to suit a variety functions such as joining, forming, shearing, powder compaction, and embossing.

Edited Tooling Image.PNG

Joining chamber: This enclosure provides ideal protection from inhaling vaporized particles and contains any loose debris, as well as muffling sounds, although ear protection should still be worn for the safety of the operator. The chamber featured to the right has a compartment on the bottom to both store the capacitor bank and provide storage space, metalworking chamber on top, and wheels making it portable.

welding chamber concept art.png

Aluminum Foils: Aluminum and other foils are used as the vaporizing material that generates the pressure necessary to join two parts. The unique shape of these foils ensures that the vaporization and therefore pressure generation occurs at the center of the area to be joined. Foil shapes can be customized to meet the needs of the application, such as a spot, elongated, or square area.

VFAW process.JPG

Electromagnetic coils: Electromagnetic coils can be used for tubular impact joining, forming, and flanging. They are a versatile tool that can be reused and shaped to specific geometries suited for their intended use. We offer both reusable and disposable coils. In the image to the right, an example uniform pressure coil and resulting embossed pattern can be seen.

3rd gen 15 wind coil.JPG
e&m emboss example.JPG
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Impulse-driven technology opens up a variety of opportunities for joining, cutting, and more. The following products support impulse based metalworking under a variety of techniques.

Capacitor Bank
VFA Tooling
Welding Chamber
Aluminum Foils
Electromagnetic Coil
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